We offer the following services:

: Bespoke Pet Grooming

: Custom Coat Styling

: Full Body Groom which incudes everything your dog needs to look good out and about
- price starts from 30.00

                       - dead hair removal
                       - nail trim
                       - paw & between pads trim
                       - ear cleanse
                       - shampoo (individually selected for your dogs needs)
                       - warm blow dry (by hand, NO cage dryers used)
                       - custom coat styling
                       - luxurious cologne spritz

: Wash and Fluff Dry with a luxurious cologne spritz - price starts from 20.00

: Puppy wash and Fluff Dry which will introduce your new puppy to the world of grooming
- price starts from 15.00

                       - a gentle brush
                       - relaxing body wash using tearless puppy shampoo
                       - warm blow dry (by hand, NO cage dryers used)
                       - puppies must be under 6 months of age to qualify for this package

: Indulgent spa treatments * add on's to full body grooms - 10.00 each treatment
                       - mud bath
                       - Doggy Facial
                       - Pet Pedicure

: Creative Grooming * add on's to full body grooms
                       - nail painting / wraps - 10.00
                       - body art / temp colouring - starts from 15.00

: Micro chipping - 15.00

All prices are individual to each dog, so please contact us and discuss your dogs needs
and we will be happy to help.
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